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01. How do I get started?

To get started, Step 1: Create a profile for you or for your dear ones. Step 2: Complete your profile by adding photo, verifying phone number, filling partner preference and more details about you to get best attention from members.

02. How can I register?

Registration is an easy process which takes only few minutes. Fill out all the required information in the forms and complete your registration.

03. What is profile validation?

All newly created profiles will undergo validation to check if the data given is proper and without any abusive language or inappropriate content in order to show only authentic and appropriate profiles to the members.

04. Can I choose my own Matrimony ID?

No. You cannot choose your Matrimony ID. Only system will generate a Matrimony ID for each profile.

05. Can I change my Matrimony ID?

No. matrimony Ids are system generated and cannot be changed.

06. Why should I upload a photo?

Uploading a photo will increase your chance of getting best response from prospective matches. So upload your photo right away.

07. What is partner preference?

Partner preference will help you find the life partner who exactly matches your expectations based on a set of questions. Based on your partner preference criteria, the system will generate the matches to your profile.

08. I am not allowed to create another profile with same Email ID. Why?

This is to prevent misuse of the site and also to avoid invalid or fake profiles.

09. How can I modify my profile information?

After logging in to your profile, you will have the option of ‘Edit profile’ on the Left Side click on it to modify your profile information.

10. Why should I complete my profile?

Completing your profile will help you get more proposals and the best way to find your like-minded life partner. It only takes few minutes to fill in all the information required. So complete your profile.

11. How can I change my password?

After logging in to your profile, you will have the option of ‘Change Password’ on the Left Side click on it to Change your password.

12. How can I view my profile?

After logging in you can view your profile.

13. How many photos I can add to my profile?

You can add only 1 photo to your profile.

14. Can I delete my profile?

Yes. You can delete your profile. After logging in to your profile, you will have the option of ‘Delete Profile’ on the Left Side, click on it to and it will be asking the reason to delete you select the option and click on submit button.

15. Can I retrieve back my deleted profile?

No. Profiles once deleted cannot be retrieved back.

16. I am not able to add my photo. Why?

Your photo might be more than 1MB or its format might not be compatible with our software. But we can upload it for you. If your photo is not in JPG/PNG format or if the image size is more than 1MB, e-mail your photos to us and we will upload it absolutely FREE!

17. I don't know how to add my photo online. What can I do?

You can mail your photo along with your matrimony ID at the back of the photo and send them by post to our offices. We will upload your photo absolutely FREE!

18. Is my contact information safe?

Yes. Your contact information is absolutely safe since we will never share your details to third party. Our site is 100 % safe and secure.

19. Can I access this site as a free member?

No. You can register, by paying registration charges.

20. Is online payment secure?

Online payment at is safe and secure. Your credit/debit card details are kept secure during payment transaction which prevents unauthorised access.

21. What are the various online payment options available?

You can pay online by Credit card, Debit card and Net banking.

22. Why am I not able to make payment online, although my card is valid?

Check if you have entered the correct credit/debit card number and expiry date. If you're still facing problems, Please contact the bank that issued the card and make sure your card has sufficient funds.

23. I got married through How can I share it?

Congratulations! You can share this great news with the rest of the members by posting your success story in the Post success story page.

24. Why does it say 'This profile does not exist' when I search for my match?

The possible reason could be that the member might have deleted or membership not renewed.

25. Are there any dating/friendship services offered?

No. We do not encourage membership for dating and friendship. This site is only for matrimonial service.